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YOKO-042 SPA MILK SOAP 3 oz / 90gr

Cleansing Soap Moisturizes with protein, milk and olive oil. Gentle for all skin types, es..

YOKO-407 SPA MILK SALT SHOWER BATH 8.33 oz / 250gr

Enriched with vitamin E acetate and properties of salt, which helps in exfoliating the skin smooth a..

YOKO-428 MILK PRODUCTS SET 18 oz / 540gr

A set of milk products (set small) reveals the beauty of skin with 3 simple steps, starting with the..

YOKO-461 Milk HAND and NAIL Cream(6pcs Tube) 1.67 oz / 50gr

With natural extracts and milk protein. Make your hands smooth. Skin appears radiant. ..

YOKO-470 MILKY BODY LOTION(Pump/Box) 13.33 oz / 400ml

Moisturizing body lotion quickly absorbed into the skin. It also contains vitamin E and licorice ext..

YOKO-498 Milk Cream 7 in 1 (Q10 / Jar+Box) 1.67oz / 50gr

Milk Protein and Coenzyme Q10 moisturize the skin. Shine Wrinkles look down Features ..

YOKO-531 Milk SPA Salt Plus AHA (6 pcs / 50gr pack) 10 oz / 300Gr

Salt Scrub with AHA and Vitamin E to exfoliate skin. The skin is smooth and clear (Price 15 baht per..

YOKO-603 Milk Gold SPA SALT Shower Bath 12.67 oz / 380gr

Salt Scrub with Milk Protein Contains premium protein, milk, vitamin E and salt. This help..

YOKO-638 MILK AURA SHOWER CREAM(Pump) 16.7 oz / 500ml

YOGA MILK ARA SHOWER CREAMBubble Bath Softener Milk Protein Formula Helps restore skin's natura..

YOKO-433 Milk FACIAL FOAM (6 Pcs Tube) 3.33 oz / 100ml

Facial Cleansing Foam Suitable for all skin types Deeply removes impurities on the face.&n..

YOKO-441 Milk Whitening Day and Night Cream(Jar+Box) 1.67oz / 50gr

Facial Cream Help keep skin clear Add moisture to the skin. Skin appears smoother.&nb..

YOKO-448 Milk Extract Whitening Cream(Jar+Box) 0.13 oz / 4gr

Pearl Cream with milk extracts. The skin is white and smooth. Helps reduce wrinkles, dark ..

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